Enhanced Membership-Standard Organic Producer

Enhanced Membership-Standard Organic Producer

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Become an Enhanced Member of SaskOrganics.

Did you know that if you are certified organic operation in Saskatchewan you are automatically a free basic member of SaskOrganics? As such you have voting rights (1 vote per operation), eligibility to run for a position on the Board, and can join committees! You should also be on our emailing list and receiving our quarterly magazine Abundance.  If you are not receiving our digital newsletter, and Abundance magazine in the mail and would like to, please let us know!

However, we have Enhanced Membership options with SaskOrganics, if you would like to provide some extra support to the organization and receive benefits for doing so!  Your investment provides the funding for SaskOrganics to do the work we do to promote the Saskatchewan organic sector, advocate on the sector’s behalf with all levels of government and provide educational opportunities and tools to help our members build resilient and profitable operations.

Your Annual Benefits

  • Subscription to Abundance (SaskOrganics’ Quarterly Magazine) and monthly digital newsletter
  • 6 free classified ads in SaskOrganics’ Monthly Digital Newsletter/website
  • 1 free webinar
  • 15 % Discount on SaskOrganics’ Workshops, Field Days & Advancing Organics Registration (2 people per event)
  • 10% discount on resources and merchandise

If you are interested in becoming an Enhanced Member, please complete and submit this form to admin@saskorganic.com.